Our Added Value

Onsite Diagnosis

Ergonomics & light-weight

From single unit to batch production

Customized solutions

Integrated design & manufacturing

Turnkey delivery

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Disassembly and Reassembly

Metal overlay


Design & manufacture
of interfaces and test machines

We develop and implement complete and customized testing solutions for all requirements.

Areas of expertise

Testing solutions

Manual testing

Automatic testing

Functional testing

Faraday caged

Software Development

Instrument drivers

Test methods



Intégration de solutions

Automated production line testing

Testing interfaces produced by Modiqua

Would you like to apply testing interface to your project?

Design and manufacture
templates and
control equipment

Your control equipment are defined and optimized by our engineers and technicians to satisfy your requirements.

Areas of expertise

Pieces for controlling presence

Movement control

Dimensional inspection


Formation control

Deformation Control

Control by camera

Vision with neural interpreter

Control equipment manufacured by Modiqua

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Toolmaking, Design and manufacture,
Industrial tools

Your industrial tools are defined and implemented by our engineers and technicians to help you maximize your results.

Areas of expertise

Manual tools

Manual tools

Disassembly / Assembly


Pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools

Cutting tools


Power & electrical tools

Power & electrical tools



Tools gallery

Working on an industrial tool project?